Hotel Furniture Adds Nicely To The Interior Of A "Gig Economy" Room

Renting out a room in a home is a lot easier these days than ever before. Online services that assist homeowners -- and even apartment dwellers -- rent out a room for a day, week, month, or more. Travelers like deals they would be unable to acquire at a costly hotel. What they may not like is shabby furniture. Even though the room is located at a residential property,  the look of the room should compete with the style of a hotel. Costly renovations are not necessary to achieve this result. Buying quality-looking hotel furniture could boost the look of the room immensely which, in turn, makes it easier to rent out.

Here are three points to be mindful of:

  • Elegance Adds to Interest

"Crashing" in someone's home is, honestly, something certain travelers are fine with. Others may be wondering whether or not paying extra for an actual hotel room is worth it. Adding elegant-looking, quality furniture to a room intended for a rental definitely could draw these travelers in. Not turning these travelers off helps with keeping the room rented as often as possible. This allows the room to generate more income than not.

  • Function Keeps Travelers Productive

Not all travelers are booking rooms for leisure trips. Some may have work to do. Overlooked by a number of "gig economy" landlords would be added furniture that is intended to support some work. A simple desk would help these travelers. Simply providing a beaten up old coffee table for writing or typing on is not going to cut it. Nothing is going to serve as an effective substitute for a desk.

  • Light Makes a Room Livable

Even though the traveler may only spend a limited amount of time in the room, he or she probably doesn't want to spend their stay in a dark, shadowy interior. A lamp or two might not be the right match for a room intended for rentals. Purchasing a nice-looking flood lamp along with newer bedside lamps and a desk lamp definitely boosts the illumination levels in a room. For both working and relaxing, a well-lit room is usually appreciated.

The Marketing Side

Another point needs to be mentioned. Posting photos of the room online is a must when hoping to attract travelers. They want to see what they would be renting. Adding nice furniture to a room makes the promotional images much more effective -- another plus for those wishing to generate rental income. Contact a company like Contract Furniture Solutions for more info.